Carolina Grown and Grub is a blog about producing your own food in your square foot garden and preparing it.  It will have useful posts on how to get from seed to table. How to plant it, pick it, cook it and eat food from your very own square foot garden, in your very own kitchen!  I have no culinary experience other than working as a server and bartender, nor do I have a degree in horticulture. I’m just a girl that lives in NC with a green thumb and a knack for creating satisfying foods.IMG_6175I often have people ask me how I grow my own food and how to prepare it. I thought creating my own blog would be a great opportunity to share with y’all how I grow food here in NC and turn it into grub that I put on the table!IMG_9301Here at Carolina Grown and Grub you will find all my personal photographs that I have taken on my own. As well as a combination of comfort food, healthy food, family recipes and delicious dessert recipes!

To say I have a sweet tooth is an understatement! So you might find MANY dessert recipes! Every recipe that you find here will have something that I have grown from my garden in it, that I have put on my very own kitchen table and fed to my family or friends!IMG_7902-0You will also find posts on how to start your square foot garden. As well as posts on how to plant, grow, and harvest the vegetables in your garden. This is the place that I share my passion for food and gardening! I am the author, photographer, gardener and cook behind this blog.IMG_8685After living most my life in Michigan, my husband Kris and I picked up and moved to the wonderful state of North Carolina.Where the sun shines often and you don’t hide crazy, you parade it around on the front porch and give it sweet tea! We fit in just fine here! It’s also where we were blessed with our two sons, Bennett and Harrison.

Now, I find it is my wifely and motherly duty to provide my three boys with Carolina Grown Grub! I’m looking forward to sharing it with y’all !

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  1. I like your site and what you are trying to do with it. I am a naturopath and aromatherapist and work with many small businesses trying to develop earth-based, farm-to-table items!


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