Baby Chicks

So we did a thing… We finally jumped onto the backyard chicken bandwagon! We have been talking about getting chickens for a while now and planned on waiting until we moved to our property but we got eager!img_1181-1

Why ?

There are many reasons why we were wanting chickens… fresh eggs the more obvious reason. There are actually many benefits to raising chickens especially for gardeners! Let me fill you in! Chicken poop! Yup, for the poop! It is a natural fertilizer filled with nitrogen that your garden crops will strive off of! Pest control! Chickens are great for pest control not only in the garden but in your yard as well! Less kitchen waste! Chickens are not picky eaters and will actually eat a lot of your kitchen scraps! Lots of pros to having yard birds!



Currently we have six baby chicks that are of the Easter Egger variety. I knew we wanted this variety for two reasons. One being they are good with children and two they lay colored eggs! Their disposition is known to be sweet and outgoing, they are friendly, curious and gentle. I was informed that they make a great family backyard chicken. They are not shy birds often approaching humans for treats or some lap time. 


So far this has stood to be true! The boys have been enjoying the baby chicks and Kris has been working hard to get the coop built!  I am super excited to share the coop with y’all. 


We plan on getting 4-6 more chickens of different varieties and possibly tossing around the idea of a couple ducks! I  will have future posts coming on how our chicken journey is going! What you will need to get started if your thinking about getting baby chicks and how we built our coop!


carolina round




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