Asparagus Beans

These beans are a fun and tasty addition to your square foot garden. Asparagus beans are also known as yard-long beans, snake beans, or Chinese long beans. They have  vigorously growing vines that produce long slender pods usually growing to about a foot or longer.

These beans are entertaining to grow! I also prefer them over normal green beans due to less work and more bean! The asparagus bean does have a slight nutty flavor but taste pretty similar to a green bean. They are delicious used in stir fry or as side for dinner. My boys enjoyed harvesting these beans and this was for sure a garden addition that will be staying!

Below are some pictures of our boys helping harvest the asparagus beans. They bring the wow factor for the little ones due to length! I love growing different veggies my kids typically do not find at the grocery store. Also, the asparagus blossoms are beautiful! White, light pink, lavender, and with a touch of yellow in color they are a pretty addition to your vegetable garden.



Asparagus beans requires full sun to produce, so plant your them where they will get 6-8 hours of sun plus. They are planted in the spring and prefer warmer temperatures so don’t be surprised if they really take off when the weather starts to get warmer.  Sow them directly into the ground about 2-3 inches apart and set up poles, trellis, or stakes for them to climb. I grow mine up the fence of my garden and an A frame.


Asparagus beans  are fairly simple to maintain.  They share space well near radishes, stalked tomatoes and corn. Last year I planted mine near the corn and the foliage snaked its way up the corn stalks and the beans hung from the stalks. Keeping them off the ground which worked out quit well. The beans will be quick to produce new blossoms if you are quick to your harvest.  Some say you can cut the tips of the leafs off which will in turn create side shoots. These are typically pest free and to avoid fungal issues, water at the base of the plant.


The beans should be harvested when they are about 18″ or shorter. They beans tend to thicken up after that. They should be about as thick as a pencil.  The pod grows rapidly so be sure to check them every few days! My beans keep pretty well in the fridge for up to a week or so. They freeze well and are great used in soups or stews.


Keep harvesting your beans for the more you harvest the more your plant will produce. If your pod gets too large you can wait until it drys out and use it for next’s years seeds! I like to chop mine into smaller pieces and cook them up just like a typical green bean. Happy Gardening!

carolina round



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