Square Foot Gardening 101: Part Two

 I have been meaning to get this post up for a while now but life happens! So let's just get right to it! In SFG: Part 2 - I am going to explain how to build your square foot garden boxes, the soil to put in them and the grid system. I will also touch … Continue reading Square Foot Gardening 101: Part Two


Square Foot Plant Spacing

After you have built your square foot garden and are ready to plant, here is the correct spacing for each plant. Happy Gardening! Plant Spacing:    Asparagus: 1- 4 per sq ft Arugula: 4 per sq ft Beans: 9 per sq ft of bush variety or 8 per sqft of pole variety Beets:  9-16 per sq ft  Broccoli: … Continue reading Square Foot Plant Spacing

Cherry Tomatoes 

Cherry tomatoes are a great addition to your square foot garden. One plant produces AN ENORMOUS amount of plump and juicy tomatoes. Perfect for snacking and salads! Last year I planted four cherry tomato plants and we couldn't pick them fast enough! It was more than plenty for us to enjoy and share with our … Continue reading Cherry Tomatoes