Baby Chicks

So we did a thing... We finally jumped onto the backyard chicken bandwagon! We have been talking about getting chickens for a while now and planned on waiting until we moved to our property but we got eager!Why ?There are many reasons why we were wanting chickens... fresh eggs the more obvious reason. There are … Continue reading Baby Chicks

Bird Seed Ornaments

This has been a  family tradition of ours now for seven years. We call it Christmas for the birds! Every mid December we make ornaments out of bird seed, hang them on an artificial Christmas tree on our back porch and watch the birds indulge from our windows. We started this when Bennett was only … Continue reading Bird Seed Ornaments

Asparagus Beans

These beans are a fun and tasty addition to your square foot garden. Asparagus beans are also known as yard-long beans, snake beans, or Chinese long beans. They have  vigorously growing vines that produce long slender pods usually growing to about a foot or longer. These beans are entertaining to grow! I also prefer them … Continue reading Asparagus Beans

Christmas Cookie Boxes

This year I put together Christmas cookie boxes as gifts for friends and teachers. I love to bake and had a bunch these brown paper separators laying around that I didn't know what to do with from baking treat boxes I always purchase. I thought  making cookie boxes would be a cute way to use … Continue reading Christmas Cookie Boxes


 This year I decided to kick off the holiday season by hosting a Friendsgiving. I wanted to put something together for my girlfriends to show them just how thankful I am for them and our friendships! We moved to North Carolina eight years ago and in those eight years I have established some pretty amazing friendships … Continue reading Friendsgiving