Lavender & Vanilla Creme Brulee 

With Mother's Day right around the corner, look no further for the perfect sweet treat to make for your Mama! This creme brulee is creamy and savory, full of vanilla flavor with a hint of floral! With lavender in full bloom in NC what a perfect time to use those buds, than in this delightful dessert! … Continue reading Lavender & Vanilla Creme Brulee 

Lavender & Red Wine Custard Shortbread Tartlets 

 Here are a few of my favorite things... lavender, dessert and red wine! Not necessarily in that order!So my husband has been traveling out of the country for work more than normal lately. To places like Ireland and France. I wish I could join him but I have babies to raise!  In good time I will eventually … Continue reading Lavender & Red Wine Custard Shortbread Tartlets