Creative Holiday Gift Wrapping with Garden Herbs 

Brown paper packages tied up with string those are a few of my favorite things!img_2118.jpg  I instantly thought of this line from that song while wrapping these packages. I’m always looking for ways to use my herbs in the garden.  So with Christmas around the corner and lots of packages to be wrapped I thought why not use some herbs to make my packages look extra pretty this year! This is a super simple and creative way to wrap your packages and use the abundance of herbs growing in your garden!img_2098Every thing that you see in these photos I purchased from Target’s dollar section if you have not been to Target’s dollar section you are missing out my friend! They have the cutest DIY and crafts stuff for cheap! I cannot walk into target without visiting the dollar section which means the dollar section quickly turns into the $30 section!  r


brown craft paper

black chalk paper

white chalk pen

modge podge

gift tags

gold glitter

make – up sponge

hot glue gun

twine red or tan

burlap ribbon

fresh rosemary and lavender sprigs

cinnamon sticks

letter stencils

letter stamps

ink pad




Directions for Glitter Herb Wrapping

1. Start by cutting your paper to desired size and wrap your gift. Then with your sponge spread a thin layer of modge podge over half of the paper or all over the front.

2.Sprinkle glitter over the thin layer of modge podge then with a sponge gently spread another thin layer of modge podge on top of the glitter. Allow to dry completely. About 3-5 minutes.

TIP:  I found dabbing the sponge with modge podge on it over the glitter first then making long strokes with the sponge worked best. Also you want your modge podge to be VERY THIN and no streak marks!img_2130 (1)3. If you’re trying to achieve the look in the picture above. Tie your twine around your gift and tuck a sprig of rosemary or lavender in the twine before knotting. You can also add a cute gift tag into the twine.


If you’re not using twine and want the look in the picture below. Use your glue gun to secure your sprigs of rosemary and your gift tag.

4. With a stencil and your chalk pen. Select the person’s initials and stencil the letter or letters onto the paper.

TIP: Your herbs should not be placed on your gift until the day you’re giving your gift to that person. img_2130Directions for Herb Wreath Wrapping 

1. To create an herb wreath take two sprigs of rosemary or lavender and with a hot glue gun place a small dot of hot glue on the end of one sprig and gently touch the other end of the other sprig to the dot of hot glue. Hold of 30 seconds.

2. Gently create a circle with the herbs and secure the circle with another dot of hot glue.

TIP: To make a fuller wreath you can add more sprigs of rosemary or lavender attaching with hot glue.img_21343. Wrap gift with desired paper and add your twine or ribbon to the gift. Place wreath on gift and secure with hot glue. Add cute little tags inside of the wreath or on the package.

4. Personalize using stencils or stamps

There you have it! Creative ideas for pretty packages under your tree!! img_2120




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