Seed Organizing & Storing


If you start your plants from seeds you probably have piles of seed packets lying around the house, maybe shoved in a box or bag. This season when I sat down to start my transplant and started rummaging through my unorganized seed packets. I knew it was time to find a better system! Here is what I came up with.


A seed binder! Each seed packet is cut in half and placed into baseball card sleeves so you can clearly read the information on the seed packet. The seeds are placed into a separate envelope which is then placed next to the original seed packet.

I have been using this system since February and I have found it quite helpful! After placing each seed packet into the baseball card sleeves I took the time to add divider tabs to organize the seeds into groups. I placed dividers and labeled them as herbs, lettuce,  unique greens, cold crops, flowers, squash, tomatoes etc. Here is what you will need to get started!


large binder


mini envelops

baseball card sleeves



pen or pencil

Yields: one seed binder


1.  Empty one seed packet into mini envelope. Place envelope into baseball card sleeve.

2. With your scissors cut your seed packet down each side and trim up the sides so it is able to fit into the baseball card sleeve. Try not to cut all your info off the seed packet.

3. Place the front of the seed packet in sleeve followed by the back of the seed packet.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each individual seed packet.

5. Label your page dividers into the groups you plan to organize your seeds into.

6. Place baseball sleeves and page dividers into binder.

This system works well for me! Its nice having all my seeds in one place but nicely organized for easy access and only took me about an hour to put together!

If stored properly your seed packets can last YEARS! Saving us gardeners lots of money! The ideal storing conditions for your seeds is some where cool and dry.

TIP: It is helpful to write the date you bought the seed packet on the mini envelopes to know how old they really are.


Happy Gardening!



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